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Start Getting Ahead Today With These Tips

During a recent Rosewood Consolidated brainstorming session, we focused on opportunities we can take to improve our skills and knowledge. Here are three that we learned about that can boost our careers and visibility:

  • Start a Personal Project: In our Rosewood Consolidated office, we encourage our people to follow their passions. For some individuals, their jobs might not offer the outlets they need to express their creativity. Therefore, they might embark on personal projects that allow them to do things that are meaningful to them and that they enjoy. Often these endeavors allow them to develop skills that are transferable to their careers.
  • Offer to Speak or Write: Career-minded people know that credibility is crucial to their long-term professional goals. In many fields, conferences, trade journals, and other media seek experts to offer their thoughts. It’s helpful for people to sign up to speak at meetings or write white papers for industry blogs. These experiences provide visibility and set the individuals apart as thought leaders.
  • Take a Course: Our Rosewood Consolidated culture stresses ongoing learning. In addition to our training, our people often take classes or study online to enhance their knowledge. We seek to always learn and grow. This is how we can build our careers.

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