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Sharing Some of Our Most Effective Success Strategies

Sharing Some of Our Most Effective Success Strategies

When we say that our Rosewood Consolidated training system is thorough, we mean that we go beyond basic skills and focus on what it takes to succeed. For example, how to set and achieve goals is a major component of our curriculum, because goals are an essential element of success.

Humility is another ingredient to successful living, and it means, among other things, that we give credit where credit is due. On that note, here are some books on our Rosewood Consolidated reading list that have taught us invaluable lessons about success:

• “The Secret,” Rhonda Byrne: “The Secret” describes the power of thought with the Law of Attraction, which says that we attract into our lives what we think about most. This makes the cultivation of a positive mind-set a top priority for anyone who wants to enjoy a satisfying and fulfilling life.

• “The Element,” Ken Robinson and Lou Aronica: The title of this book describes, in the authors’ words, “the point at which natural talent meets personal passion.” When we identify this intersection, we’ll have found our calling in life.

• “How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big,” by Scott Adams: “Dilbert” creator Adams makes a compelling argument for the power of luck in career success. Rather than an uncontrollable force though, he points out that we can make smart choices that help luck find us.

In case it isn’t obvious, reading is an essential part of our Rosewood Consolidated success strategy. Find more tips by liking us on Facebook.