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PRESS RELEASE: Rosewood Consolidated Expanding Influence Into New Territory

VENTURA, CA – Another Rosewood Consolidated office is opening. The firm’s President discussed the benefits of organizational growth, and how personal attitudes positively impact expansion efforts.

“We’ve been feeling an increased momentum around our Ventura office for a while now due to a steadily increasing demand for our services, and the time has finally come to expand our operations,” declared Enrique, Rosewood Consolidated’s President. “We are currently in the process of opening a new headquarters in Sherman Oaks.”

Not only is this a great opportunity for current team members, Enrique is looking forward to bringing new associates on board as well. Moving into a new area allows him to boost the company’s roster so that the team can continue providing outreach campaigns for the firm’s national service partners.

“It’s a very exciting time for us; those who are already on board now have more chances to advance, and those who have been considering careers in customer acquisitions now have opportunities to pursue that dream,” Enrique said. “We’re moving into a much bigger market than the one we continue to thrive in, but with our continued focus on personal and professional development plus exceeding the expectations of the companies in our portfolio we’re certain we’ll experience the same success. I can’t wait to see what we accomplish next!”

Rosewood Consolidated’s President Pointed Out the Importance of a True Growth Mind-Set

The Rosewood Consolidated team is the firm’s most important attribute, which is one reason why Enrique puts such a strong emphasis on training and development. If the company’s associates feel happy, engaged, and optimistic about their futures with the team, it’s almost a guarantee that the firm will grow.

“What we really try to instill in our executives is a growth mind-set,” Enrique stated. “This is more than just optimism, and requires more than recognition and rewards to attain. When someone is truly oriented toward growth, they feel secure in the face of challenges and welcome feedback.”

Companies that are serious about encouraging a growth mind-set in their people have to be careful about the word talent, Enrique said. Place too much emphasis on innate abilities, and team members might be discouraged from collaborating. Too little recognition of personal ability might hamper ambition though.

“I’m proud to say that our organization balances individual recognition and the needs of the team,” Enrique concluded. “We do this by helping our associates create goals that are aligned with the needs of the organization. It’s a win/win. Team members experience personal fulfillment in their careers while Rosewood Consolidated continues to grow.”

About Rosewood Consolidated
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