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PRESS RELEASE: Dallas Conference Excites Rosewood Consolidated Team

VENTURA, CA – Rosewood Consolidated management sent three top leaders to a national conference in Dallas, Texas to inspire their growth. They brought many good ideas back to the office.

“Our team from Rosewood Consolidated had the opportunity to attend a conference in Dallas, Texas recently,” shared the President of the company, Enrique. “We sent three of our top leaders who have really accelerated their careers and are working hard to reach their goals. Attending the conference provided lots of chances for them to listen to speakers, get inspired, network, and explore Dallas while they were there.”

“Going to a conference is a chance for these team members to increase their commitment to their personal goals as well as to the company and their professional objectives,” continued Enrique. “After hearing a number of stories from industry leaders to give our team perspective, they’ll have a chance to think about their own careers and decide what directions they want to go. These events provide opportunities for our team members to see first-hand how people have really excelled and grown in this industry.”

Sending Associates From Rosewood Consolidated to Conferences Is Beneficial for the Entire Office

“Company travel is an integral part of our team culture,” shared Enrique. “We expect to continue to attend conferences and networking events such as these. When team members attend these functions, they come back to the office full of ideas and ways to improve both their work and the company processes. We give them an opportunity to share what they learned with the rest of our team. Presenting to everyone and encapsulating what they learned is a great way for these members to consolidate and master the material to which they were exposed.”

As a team, everyone has a chance to hear the insights Rosewood Consolidated associates bring back from the Dallas conference. The presenters give proposals and everyone can suggest ways to integrate these ideas into the company’s processes.

“Networking and exchanging ideas with other team members from across the country is another perk of these events,” shared Enrique. “Rosewood Consolidated has become a strong organization thanks to the help and support of many people from across the country, and having a chance to strengthen those relationships is important.”

“Between the speakers, the training sessions, one-on-one coaching, and networking, sending top leaders to conferences is a great way to motivate them to excel,” continued Enrique. “When they bring that learning back to our office, everyone is inspired.”

About Rosewood Consolidated:

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