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The Many Benefits of Our Travel Program

Travel is more than just a Rosewood Consolidated perk. We use trips to recognize top producers for their efforts, reward those who support our firm’s mission and values, and to provide advanced training.

In fact, our Rosewood Consolidated travel schedule often meets all these conditions, as it does with our upcoming Dallas conference. This leadership event is one of our favorite trips of the year, because it gives us the chance to learn from some of the most successful people in our industry.

Along with that, we build our professional networks with colleagues from across North America, sharing best practices and discussing the similarities and differences in our markets. Then, there’s an awards ceremony, where we see people recognized for hitting big milestones in their careers. This is inspiring for two reasons. First, because the men and women who walk across stage are often not much different than we are, and if they can succeed, so can we. Second, because we get to see firsthand the amounts of personal and economic growth that are possible in customer acquisitions.

Perhaps the most valuable part of this or any other Rosewood Consolidated trip is the way we connect with our teammates. By getting out of the office together, we get to know one another on a personal level, which leads to greater engagement and collaboration when we come home. To see just how much fun we have at the upcoming Dallas conference, follow us on Twitter.