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How to Position Yourself as a Leader

Leaders aren’t born; they’re made. Within Rosewood Consolidated’s culture, we strive to provide our people with a pathway to lead. Many individuals don’t realize that they have the ability within themselves to rise to the next level in their careers. Here are three mind-sets that we adopt to boost our confidence:

  • Be Yourself: No matter what, it’s important that we be true to our own identities. As we discuss during Rosewood Consolidated meetings, authentic leadership means being humble, honest, and even a tad vulnerable. These qualities help others develop a sincere trust in us. When we can earn the respect of colleagues and other stakeholders, we increase our abilities to inspire and lead.
  • Don’t Let Title Stop You from Leading: In our Rosewood Consolidated coaching program, we emphasize that leadership is not limited to titles. In fact, anyone can take the lead by being proactive in a group, making recommendations, treating people with respect, and helping others with their work. By stepping up to respond to a challenge and offer solutions, we show we are leaders.
  • Know You Are in Control: Not matter what our circumstances, it’s important to remember that we control our destinies. We define what success means to us and how we achieve it. When we take control of our own career paths or any aspect of our lives, we become more confident leaders.

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