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Hiring and Expanding at Rosewood Consolidated

At Rosewood Consolidated, we’re primed to expand once again. Our outreach model has helped telecom firms large and small acquire new customers. In partnership with Lifeline Assistance, a government-funded program, we’re assisting underserved individuals gain access to technology that can make life-changing impact. Each day, we connect more people with necessary wireless devices. Our success has led to our growth and our need to hire more people.

“We’re looking to add approximately 15 people to our group,” said Enrique M., our Rosewood Consolidated President. “As we grow, we need more high-energy professionals to help us serve these firms and provide outreach for this vital program. We’re changing lives, one community at a time.”

According to Enrique, the main qualities to seek in candidates are positivity, enthusiasm, and work ethic. “We have an excellent training system through Rosewood Consolidated,” he explained. “Our people are among the most talented and knowledgeable in the field. This reflects our recruiting process and our immersive coaching.”

We have a fun workspace in which we collaborate and support each other as we create innovative campaigns. Our energy extends not only to our work but also to team events, such as travel, during which we can enjoy each other’s company.

We will continue to grow and add to our team in the future. Check out our Instagram for updates on our achievements.