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Our Company Succeeds When Our Team Members Thrive

Our commitment to helping each person on our team thrive is the foundation of our success. We start with a refined interview process that identifies those who share our Rosewood Consolidated values, and who will do well in our culture. We provide them with a coach to guide and support them throughout their career journeys.

However, our most vital tool for creating success is our training program. We combine classic learning with hands-on development to create an atmosphere that inspires growth. For example, not only are networking skills a part of our Rosewood Consolidated curriculum, but we also practice those skills by taking part in community events such as fundraisers. To ensure our networks are full of the most accomplished industry leaders we can find, we attend national retreats and cross-train at other high-performing offices around the country.

Another way we help each associate succeed is by creating a culture of camaraderie. We recognize each person’s achievements, but also reward commitment to the firm’s mission and the company’s goals. What’s more, we promote teamwork through daily team meetings and frequent social events outside the office. We are as invested in each other’s success as we are our own, creating an ethos in which a win for one is a win for all.

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