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The positive spirit around Rosewood Consolidated is palpable. The same attitude is evident in how we serve the companies we represent. We foster success for everyone.

We welcome individuals who thrive on helping others find success.

Check out the perks we offer our people.

Pathways to Career Excellence at Rosewood Consolidated

Ambitious individuals make significant leaps in their careers with Rosewood Consolidated. Our comprehensive training, combined with our collaborative culture, sets the course for our team members to gain their footing in customer acquisitions and business. Success is easier in a thriving workplace that puts people ahead of all else.

Each associate has an abundance of opportunities to develop thriving professional lives with us. We network at industry events and other local activities to gain access to business leaders and industry experts. Our people quickly learn how to form lasting connections that further their careers.

Emphasis on Team

We emphasize teamwork at Rosewood Consolidated. Here’s what we believe:

  • Individual success fuels team success
  • Collaboration is our key to raising the bar
  • It’s better to work together than to compete

We could not operate at such a high level without collaborating. That’s why our seasoned leaders provide newer associates with individual guidance and knowledge transfer. These pros have experience to share based on their own track records of success. In this way, we offer every individual room to excel and develop as a business professional. Our one-on-one coaching program is a reason our people flourish.

Travel Opportunities

Anyone who aspires to launch a career that allows them to see the world should consider joining Rosewood Consolidated. From relaxing retreats in tropical destinations to national conferences, travel is one of the many ways we reward our people for their commitment to our vision. It’s even nicer when we get to enjoy traveling as a group.

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