Rosewood Consolidated: Connecting Communities to Services

Rosewood Consolidated partners with government-funded programs to bring telecom services to underserved markets. Technology is vital to improving lives in today’s world. We work with our partners to pinpoint the people and communities that benefit the most from gaining better access to wireless services. At Rosewood Consolidated, we do our part to help people stay connected.

Rosewood Consolidated’s Outreach Approach

Wireless devices are no longer luxuries. They’re necessities. We create outreach campaigns for government-funded programs such as the federal Lifeline Assistance program. Working with a leading telecom firm, our approach introduces eligible consumers to solutions that give them access to free cell phones and monthly minutes. By bringing these services to underserved communities, Rosewood Consolidated helps people overcome the costs of gaining access to such technologies. In this way, our solutions remove barriers that would otherwise prevent people from creating promising futures for themselves.

Rosewood Consolidated develops well-defined customer acquisition solutions based on research and innovation. Our team uses data analysis to customize and streamline each campaign to reach as many people as possible. We do the same for every business we represent.

New Firms

We help companies that are just now entering the market. We generate greater visibility and on-the-ground responses for them. We leverage our executives’ knowledge and experience to ensure rapid results.

Emerging Companies

We serve firms that have been in the market for a few years and are on the cusp of expansion. Our Rosewood Consolidated team members help propel them into previously unexplored regions. We connect with eligible consumers to drive recognition and business growth.

Recognized Providers

Our firm works with well-known national companies that have established names in telecom excellence. We promote their services and nurture their relationships with current customers. Our efforts allow these giants to focus on their core business.

We strategically combine knowledge with unique outreach methods. Discover our path to success.